Can We Handle the Commercial Loan Interest Rates of the Late 1980s and Early 1990s?

Most of the small businesses that operate today were not around in the late 1980s or early 1990s. They do not remember how difficult it was to get a commercial loan. If you were able to secure a loan back then, the interest rate was astronomical. In fact, I can remember when my business started first going strong, a commercial loan for 13.5% was actually considered reasonable at the time.Of course, that’s ridiculous, because at those exorbitant loan prices for interest, you are basically working for the bank, you’re no longer working for yourself. Some financial analysts and economists right now are predicting interest rates could go as high as 12% again, but if that happens we’re in big trouble.Still, the FED may have no choice but to raise rates, if inflation takes off and can’t be controlled; it’s still too early to tell, as we aren’t even out of this recession yet, some say we’ve started the climb upward, which the stock market seems to indicate, however banks still are not lending. And if the FED raises rates, then the banks have to consider risk, and thus, act accordingly for their commercial loans.Indeed, they may be willing to lend if they can get incredible returns and make loans with very high interest rates. This completely kills small businesses, and those large corporations that have all the cash, will rule the day. Coming from a background in the franchising sector, I can tell you that expensive money causes more startup failures than anything else.If we are not fiscally responsible, if we don’t stop spending our nation’s treasury into oblivion and debt, we may soon find ourselves in just such a place. It is for this reason that I am quite concerned, and I hope you will please consider this.Before you vote for more politicians promising you the world, with taxpayer’s money, you must realize; we have a situation on our hands that needs to be controlled, otherwise it will be completely out of our hands, and I guarantee we won’t like the outcome.